Saffron and Pistachio Rice Pudding ( Kesar ki Phirni )

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eating a hearty rice pudding is continually one I partner with warm temperature, consolation and winter. but in terms of Phirni a calming bowlful of this delicious pudding made with ground rice and creamy rich milk became the only way I preferred it. I do not forget attending a wedding in Lucknow a few years again and amidst the lavish feast of Awadhi food; ending the meal with Phirni regarded now not just fitting but additionally a great deal wanted. Served in little clay pots it was creamy, aromatic and had the essence of floral flavours. Spices inclusive of cardamom supply it that required warmth and are delicious in Indian cakes. With Awadhi impacts, many communities across India prepare dinner and serve this pudding and there are various variations too such as people with brought fresh fruit.

A slow cooked rice pudding made with coarsely ground rice, Phirni consists of floral flavours of cardamom, saffron and rose water. (i like all three!) at the same time as an awful lot is thought approximately ‘kheer’ Indian rice pudding; this version makes use of damaged/ floor rice which offers it a grainy texture and thickens the mixture nicely. historically it is good to allow it cool and refrigerate for a creamy consistency even though even at room temperature this is a pleasure. The list of components isn’t exhaustive but experience loose to omit rose water if you choose.


1.In a mixer grinder coarsely grind the rice to a grainy mix. add 50 mls of the milk to the ground rice and set apart. this will soften the rice and let it soak at the same time as you get on with the relaxation of the prep.

2.In a extensive heavy backside sauce pan heat the closing milk over a medium flame for 10 mins. Stir regularly. add maximum of the saffron leaving some at the back of to garnish. decrease the warmth and simmer the milk. Scrape the side of the pan and decrease the milk for 25 minutes. make certain to hold stirring so it doesn’t persist with the bottom of the pan.

Kesar Pista Phirni (2)

1.upload the rice mix and keep to cook over a low warmness for 15-17 mins. Stir nicely as the mixture begins to thicken ever so slightly. Now add the sugar and floor cardamom powder. Stir and make certain the sugar is dissolved within the phirni. Simmer for 12 mins. flip the warmth off and permit the phirni cool slightly.

2.Serve with a garnish of beaten pistachios and remaining saffron strands. Or if you decide on refrigerate the Phirni and serve chilled with the garnish or fresh fruit.

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